Author Nina Burleigh at CAS Oct. 6

This photograph of author Nina Burleigh was taken earlier this year at the Mosque of Nabi Musa, in the desert east of Jerusalem, where Muslims believe Moses is buried.

Reading with Author Nine Burleigh at Catskill Art Society

Livingston Manor, NY – Nina Burleigh, a journalist and the author of
five books including the bestseller “The Fatal Gift of Beauty,” will
be at the CAS Arts Center on Saturday, October 6, from 4:00 to 6:00
p.m. to read from her upcoming e-book, tentatively titled, “Under the
Black Blanket” and to discuss and answer questions about some of her
previous books, which will also be available for sale.

Burleigh spent six weeks in the Middle East during 2012, based in
Cairo and Jerusalem, working on various projects, including a short
book about the status of women in the wake of the Arab Spring. She
will share her observations on women, religion and politics in this
rapidly transforming and conflicted region, and read from her upcoming

Burleigh will also bring and answer questions about some of her
previous books, including her best-seller, “The Fatal Gift of Beauty,”
about the dark side of Italy revealed by the Amanda Knox trial;
“Unholy Business,” about Biblical relic forgery in Jerusalem; and
“Mirage,” about Napoleon’s scientists in Egypt and the first
interaction between scientists and Islam in the modern era.

Burleigh is the author of five books, has appeared often on television
and radio, and has written for numerous magazines, websites and
newspapers. She and her husband are residents of Narrowsburg and

The CAS Art Center is located at 48 Main Street in Livingston Manor,
NY.  There is no cost to attend this event. The CAS Arts Center is
fully wheel chair accessible.

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