Carolyn Bivins Named ‘Heart of the Manor’ 2012

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY, Sept. 30. 2012 — Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that the “Heart of the Manor”  award will be presented to Carolyn Bivins at the “Hoe Down for Our Town” on October 27, 2012, at Lanza’s Country Inn in Shandelee.

Local entrepreneur and founder of QuikType and Canvas Art, Carolyn Bivins has been active in the Town of Rockland since 1976. She started a local newspaper called The Towne Crier, published the first Town of Rockland Visitors Guide and continues to work with the Chamber of Commerce to advance Livingston Manor’s visibility.

Known widely for her impeccable skills as a graphic designer as well as for her generosity of spirit, there are few businesses, organizations and individuals that have not been aided by Ms. Bivins talents as well as her caring nature. Most recently, Carolyn has been instrumental in working on Manor Ink, a newspaper published by the young people of the community through the Livingston Manor Free Library.

The Community of Livingston Manor would like to extend to Carolyn Bivins our very best wishes.